Life Issues

Go Ahead….arrest me!

After watching this brief video clip–the southern mama in me rose up…and I said…”tear her fanny up!”

Okay, don’t write me any “hate mail”…but really.  Can you see yourself there?  Not the dad—filming the ridiculous display of what many of our children are “daily” doing to parents…but do you see yourself as the whiney child on the floor?  Uhmm…what would your mother or dad have done?  If  you answered “tear her fanny up”…you are from my generation….if you answered, “put her in time out and take away her “blankey”…uhmmm, I’m not sure where you are from, but seriously, I don’t want to be around your kids.

As I watched this “precious brat child” on the floor (sorry that slipped out) I thought of how often we react to God when He asks us to do the “simplest” things…really.  You don’t believe me?  Press the rewind button on your last episode with God’s voice in your ear/heart and check again.

That’s what I thought.  A definite whine.  “But I can’t do that….I don’t know how….what if they laugh at me….what if they don’t listen….what if….”

It’s a whine.  No matter how you word it…sweeten it…it’s still a whine.

I know.  I’ve done it.

I think today should be –“remove the thumb from your mouth and stop whining day”.   (Yes, even my grandson, Zack! DO IT ZACK!)

Okay.  Sorry.  This was a very non-spiritual sounding post

…but she started it…..

Oh and to clarify, MSN news article had stated in their title that she “avoided” chores…she didn’t.  She just made the headlines…. and probably over 1,000 Americans will watch this today-tonight and have varying opinions.  One observed she was in her pajamas…and that it should be “expected” for her to act this way when tired….Whatever.

Okay…so NOT spiritual.  Sorry y’all.  It won’t happen again.

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