Trust IN God (Part One of a Three part series)

Do we?  Fully?  Trust Him?

Several years ago, when my sister, Wanda’s daughter was not even a year old–Wanda became very sick.  According to the doctor on her case, at the point of death.  He offered very little hope.  The changes he made in her medication made things even worse.  With her blood pressure dropping to the low thirties and her breathing very labored, talking was impossible.  Prayer on the other hand, was not.

I remember the room in Tallahassee Memorial Hospital being very large, enough to accommodate her bed, the equipment, and 9 of us.  The family.  The blood of Christ flowing in our veins making us family for those where not actual “kin”.  When hopes were dashed upon the rocks of life, we clung to the cross on the hill.

While we listened to the doctor state the facts as he saw them, my mother adamantly requested Wanda’s childhood physician be notified.  The very one who had seen her from the onset of discovery of her heart condition.  The doctor, not taking my mother as serious as he should have, stated that “his notification of her condition would not change the facts.”  He then went on to suggest alternative medications–although not giving hope of them working.

The sister (chainsaw) anger in me was rising up.  This was long before my hormones came in to play…(he should be thankful).  With my face reddened, my fists clenched, I stated louder than necessary, causing my mother to stare, “You will not make my sister a guinea pig!”  Just a few more moments of discussion ensued, the air in the room stiff and as labored as Wanda’s breathing.  The doctor standing to leave, shaking his head, obviously could not imagine why we were acting thus, surely at this point in Wanda’s life, we had to know that it could not last. 

Yet we held on to a faith that he could not see.  In One greater than he supposed himself to be.  Faith and trust in a God that is Sovereign.

As we began to seek God with fresh urgency after the doctor left, with hands lifted and hearts beckoning God to be present and give us a sign of His working—all things for our good. 

The door opened.  In walked the Doctor, in physical form, and with him came a spiritual ignition for our faith and trust!  The atmosphere in the room instantly changed!  It seemed as if all the hot air of the enemy had been pushed out the window and in GUSHED the fresh air of the Holy Spirit!  (Isaiah 59:19)

I saw the expression on my mother’s face change instantly.  Relief washed over her like a clean waterfall gushing it’s cool freshness down a mountain side.  The situation was re-examined.  Suggestions offered–decisions made.  We left for Gainesville.  Praying all the way.  Beseeching God.  Surely, God would not have given this long dreamed of –prayed for–baby to this woman only to take her life after just a few short months of motherhood.  Indeed not.  Our TRUST in God secure as the dawning of the next day’s sun.

If you know anything about us, or our story, you know that all turned out exactly as God planned.  Her life was just the number of days as God set forth from the beginning.  (Job 14:5 “You have decided the length of our lives. You know how many months we will live, and we are not given a minute longer.”)  The next few years with her precious gift were a sweet blessing–captured in a bottle of time.  Giving God daily praise for each breath!

Trust secure. 

Is ours?  When the checkbook gets into the single digits are we secure in Him?  In His care for us?
When the bread box contains only 2 end slices…does our stomach growl in mock hunger?  When the fabric of our faith wears thin, where is our trust?  In Him?  Or in what we can see.

Do we say “I trust You LORD even when:

  • the children get sick
  • the hours at work are cut
  • the promotion is given to someone else
  • the husband cheats
  • the child rebels
  • the loved one dies

Do we trust God ONLY when things are going our way?  Or—are we in it for the long haul?

Is our faith securely clamped onto God when our family becomes part of a group of statics of the divorce rate among Christians?  Or, of unwed mothers; alcoholics; or a runaway-prodigal child.

If it seems your trust slips at the points of sever tension–know this:  Jesus Christ is there to realign your faith in Him.  To bolt your faith so securely to Him–adjust your vision and focus to Him–and not on your seemingly insurmountable circumstances.  Remain in HIM.

For your reading today:  Read and visualize the story of Noah.  Genesis chapters 6-8

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