The Blessing in the Wreck (Prologue)

Last week, as I was mulling over things in my mind, my thoughts were just not coming together in a concise devotion to share. Sure I had thoughts…sure I had ideas…but I pray about all my devotions. I take this very seriously. AND I JUST WASN’T HEARING FROM HIM! DO YOU HEAR ME??? Ever been there?

Well, on Friday morning, as my sweet husband ended his morning prayer over me, I said, “don’t forget to pray for me today—I am still muddling through some thoughts to share for Laced with Grace on Monday.”

He jokingly said, “Well, I’m not writing it for you!” I laughed and reminded him again to pray and he said he would.

As I drove to work and Aimee and I began our phone call devotions that same morning, I reminded her that I still had not heard from the LORD on what I was to write for the devotion. She promised she’d pray and then reminded me that the LORD always gives it to me, not to worry. I replied, “I wish He wouldn’t wait so long!”

The day rocked on like all Friday’s —with the one exception. I was allowed off early that afternoon! I could not believe my good fortune! I would actually have some afternoon time with my sweet man!

But instead of getting home in an hour….it took well over 2 hours. I arrived home just before 5:00. And for the rest of the story …’ll have to hop over to Laced with Grace (by clicking on the box above or—the word devotion below)

Later I told my sister, Aimee and my sweet man, that I really wasn’t wanting to GET the devotion like that! But there was a blessing. I hope you get one too!

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3 responses to “The Blessing in the Wreck (Prologue)

  • Denise

    Bless your heart, I praise God that you are safe. I love you.

  • Technonana

    Angie… what a way for God to get your attention… I praise Him that neither of you were hurt… Oh what lessons He gives us if we only listen… How blessed you are when He goes to such lengths to give you a ‘lesson’. I hope the young man learned one, too.

  • lori

    First of all…I am so GLAD and THANKFUL you are safe….but WHOA…you asked…God delivered…seriously, He gave you an amazing devotional…details girl, I tell you details!What great thoughts here girlfriend…really, really GOOD!Now, as to the question as to what is in my car…hmmmm….just bought me a “how to doodle” book…not everyday you find one of those on the front seat! 🙂YOU are the best!!hugs!love you!lori

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