Daily Archives: August 11, 2008

The Blessing in the Wreck (Prologue)

Last week, as I was mulling over things in my mind, my thoughts were just not coming together in a concise devotion to share. Sure I had thoughts…sure I had ideas…but I pray about all my devotions. I take this very seriously. AND I JUST WASN’T HEARING FROM HIM! DO YOU HEAR ME??? Ever been there?

Well, on Friday morning, as my sweet husband ended his morning prayer over me, I said, “don’t forget to pray for me today—I am still muddling through some thoughts to share for Laced with Grace on Monday.”

He jokingly said, “Well, I’m not writing it for you!” I laughed and reminded him again to pray and he said he would.

As I drove to work and Aimee and I began our phone call devotions that same morning, I reminded her that I still had not heard from the LORD on what I was to write for the devotion. She promised she’d pray and then reminded me that the LORD always gives it to me, not to worry. I replied, “I wish He wouldn’t wait so long!”

The day rocked on like all Friday’s —with the one exception. I was allowed off early that afternoon! I could not believe my good fortune! I would actually have some afternoon time with my sweet man!

But instead of getting home in an hour….it took well over 2 hours. I arrived home just before 5:00. And for the rest of the story …..you’ll have to hop over to Laced with Grace (by clicking on the box above or—the word devotion below)

Later I told my sister, Aimee and my sweet man, that I really wasn’t wanting to GET the devotion like that! But there was a blessing. I hope you get one too!