Thankful for YOU

Kim of Seasons of my Heart has blessed me with a sweet award! I am undeserving of any awards…but am grateful for Kim and all the others that I visit with weekly, ladies, each one of you lighten my heart and all those that read your words seeking God. We find HIM there! Everytime I click to a new bloghome—I find Christ’s love seeping out into the place where I am in need.
The joy and privilege of being able to hug the necks of my sweet bloggity buddies has still left me overwhelmed! Girls, I shall never be the same! The Lord has already prompted my heart about my first posts for Laced with Grace and Internet Cafe`. I am undone when I think He could possibly allow a simple southern and very much a country girl like myself be used to further His kingdom. But I am His for the using.

Iris, I am thankful for so very much tonight. The sweet readers would get tired of reading all the things I have to mention…so, feel free dear one if you must hurry on to the next blog. But I am thankful for….
Good traffic flow both going to North Carolina and coming home…
For not getting “stuck” in the elevator when my bag got hung on the hand rail and the elevator started making “beeping” noises and scaring me half to death!…
For a fresh vision of His purpose while we were away…
For time with Aimee and all the New Friends (I will miss someone if I start naming names) we met while there…
For my mouth finally beginning to heal from the ulcers that covered the top inside from all the stress of meeting with the editors—which turned out…girls, they put their “drawers” on just like we do!…
For the new Mary Kay makeup we are selling…and wearing…we wore it all weekend and my face didn’t “melt” off! It STAYED ON!!…
For coming home to clean sheets and my own soft bed…aahhhhh…
For the day off on Monday to get my laundry done and my suitcase unpacked…
For a wonderful Bible Study tonight on Proverbs…you guessed it…31! (and about being a MOM!)
Mostly, I am thankful that God gives me a second chance when I mess up and don’t pay attention to what He tells me to do the first time…(more about that in my first post with LWG)
I am thankful for my relationship with God, for Him loving me enough to give His only Son to die for my sins.
For loving me at my most unloveable…all the way to the cross. If you happened on this blog and want to know more about the plan of salvation…I urge you to click on the “READY” button on my side bar. Get to know Him on a personal basis. Find a group of ladies that can encourage you and mentor you along in your walk with Him. We are on a journey…and many, many times it feels uphill all the way. But hold on and keep on. We are almost home.

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23 responses to “Thankful for YOU

  • Lynn

    Angie,Girl, When you called my name this weekend and I looked into your face, I want to tell you what I saw in that instant.I saw one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. You eyes were twinkling and you smile was perfect. Angie, I saw love.thank you for your friendship and love. I am sending it right back at ya. Love and hugs!

  • Susan

    Angie,This is such a beautiful list. You have such a grateful heart.I’m so blessed you and all the ladies had such a wonderful time at She Speaks!Blessings to you my friend♥

  • Gina's Public Diary

    Angie, That was a lovely thankful post. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! So glad for you!

  • Denise

    Such a precious list of thankfuls sweetie. Your heart is so amazing. I love you.

  • Denise

    You always make me want to dig deeper and listen closer…. you always point me to Christ….. and is that not what we are all here for, to encourage and uplift…. Love ya

  • Pia

    beautiful list of thankfuls. may God bless you more.

  • Cheryl

    I love reading your post! I always look forward to seeing your name when we post on Thursday’s. You have such a special way with your words. Thanks! God Bless~

  • Love Bears All Things

    Oh what a beautiful and inspiring post. I loved that you included all of the little things that happened. God is in the small things too. Sounds like things went well but that you’re also happy to be home. Praising God for the ways in which He is using you.Mama Bear

  • Laurie Ann

    Angie, what a sweet sweet post. It just oozes with thankfulness. I loved reading it – it blessed my heart! Happy TT.

  • mamasmurf

    A lovely list! Happy TT Day!~Chrissy

  • genny

    Thanks for sharing your TT. Have a nice day.

  • Darlene

    Fabulous post! I too am thankful for second chance and third and forth…etc…So glad your trip to and from was safe and enjoyable.Looking forward to reading more.A group of ladies from my church are going to Deeper Still conference in Atlanta, GA. tomorrow. I am so excited..pray for us.Have a fabulous day!Blessings,Darlene

  • Melanie

    Angie, Such a beautiful post. I can hear all of the thankfulness and excitement for the SheSpeaks conference in every word you type.Happy Thankful Thursday!

  • Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady"

    Hi, Angie!Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I always love hearing from you! You are making me want to go to that conference next year!!

  • Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady"

    Hi, Angie!Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I always love hearing from you! You are making me want to go to that conference next year!!

  • mytudorhouse

    hey Angie, ouch about the ulcers, I hope they have now healed up for you.Amy

  • eph2810

    Yes – this road of life is sometimes up-hill, but then again, if you have travelers like you join in on the journey – hey – it makes it much easier.I am so happy that you and Aimee had such a great time at the conference. Maybe I will make it to one of the conferences in my life-time.Although a getaway is great sometimes, coming back home and sleeping in our own bed make us appreciate it more 🙂 – Glad that you didn’t get stuck in the elevator!!!Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.Be blessed today and always.

  • Technonana

    Rave on Sweet Sister, Rave on… What a Mighty God we serve!!!

  • lori

    I am just bummed that i didn’t get to HUG your neck! oh well…in God’s time!!I’m thankful for the likes of you! You are a kindred spirit…I just sense it!I am thankful for your safe return and the sound in your “voice!” You sound soooooo encouraged and inspired..and that is soooo wonderful to hear!!love you!!loriand you were SOOOO right….the TUB reference was for you!!Love ya!

  • Cheryl

    Angie,You truly have a heart of gold! We are on a journey and when we finally get home it will all be worth it. This life won’t matter any more! Life surely isn’t what I thought it would be when I was younger. There surely have been a lot of hills, some of my own doing! We just have to remember “there is a BIGGER” picture. I can’t imagine losing my sisters or my Mom, but then 8 years ago I couldn’t imagine losing my Dad. We’ve all survived and because life does go on. Today, I’m so very thankful for Christ who died for us, so that we can see our family when we reach our final destination. Thanks so much for visiting and for your comments. I couldn’t think of a better compliment than “my blog is a testimony.”Blessings!Cheryl

  • mama meji

    To be coming home to fresh sheets on your bed, that is heavenly…I always get that high feeling smelling fresh clean sheets. I’m glad you had a wonderful time at the conference.

  • Chris

    Awww, Angie, you were so stressed to meet the editors~~~ oh darlin’ gal, you’re so right about the “drawers” revelation! I tend to do the same thing as you~~stress myself silly! Over stuff that turns out OK.Bless you. Love you. Blessed Friday~~~

  • elaine @ peace for the journey

    Thank you, friend, for the card. You melted my heart with your words.peace~elaine

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