Wanda’s Devotion on Laced With Grace

Monday, you can find my heart-words, along with Wanda’s only devotional blog post, at Laced With Grace. I cannot tell you how often I have read and re-read her words. How I have revisited in my mind, the night we discussed the issues she shared. With tears for me, but joy for her, I share with you the heart of my sister. Her passion for her Lord and the joy in serving Him. She wanted to please the Lord with every fiber of her being. I believe she did. With fierce determination she lived everyday to it’s fullest. With joy she embraced every blessing–and would be quick to tell you what her blessings were! Her greatest joys were found in the two people that knew her daily. Mark, her devoted husband and her sweet daughter, Victoria.

Please continue to pray for strength for them both. I appreciate all the kind words, thoughts and prayers for our whole family. You all are an incredible blessing. One my Father gave me—but I feel so undeserving of it all.

(This is where you click on the button Grandbuddy—and thank you for always reading!)

P.S……a special thank you to Amy G. Bayliss for by new look! Thank you Amy! I love it!

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