Can You Hear Him Now???

Ever had a dropped call? You know. Like the commercial….you are talking and laughing…then suddenly you realized that you haven’t heard anything from the other side of the conversation in a while. Dropped call. Aggravating. But….that’s life with electronic devices. They are not always dependable. When you need it most, you realize that you let the battery run down and it goes dead in the middle of the most impor…….

Head over to Laced With Grace on Sunday for the “rest of the call”…..

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2 responses to “Can You Hear Him Now???

  • lori

    I just went over and READ the rest of the story….and I left a comment over there…but my man works for AT&t…so we have the conversation all the time….just the other day, I was on with my parents…dropped and I talked for about 10 minutes till I realized it dropped….MY FIRST thought was how many times do I DROP GOD’S CALL, for something of “this” world…too often….and HE NEVER DROPS MINE!!!!I can’t wait to share this with my PHONE GUY!!!HE WILL TOTALLY GET IT!!!loved it!!happy Sunday….off to church!!hugs,lori

  • Chris

    Angie,Beautiful message. We read the same Psalm today at church…felt so wonderful to read it again. No dropped calls, but I have to “pick up the phone” daily. Hourly? Every minute?Bless you for your ministry! Still praying for sweet Wanda.

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